The engineering industries face unprecedented challenges, arising from:

  • Automation and robotics
  • The need to service fast-growing developing markets at much lower price points
  • Rapid adoption of IoT and analytics
  • Rising competitive pressures, especially in emerging markets
  • Climate change and environmental regulation


Our expertise across the value chain has helped answer numerous strategic and tactical questions for our engineering customers, including:

  • How do customers perceive my products or technologies?
  • How does decision-making vary across end-user segments, or types of buyers?
  • Which customer segments should I focus on?
  • Why does my competitor beat me in this market?
  • How do intermediaries and channels influence the customer?


Our engineering practice is divided into the following segments:


We’ve studied numerous sub-markets including column pipes, cranes, UPSs, sensors & switches, HVAC systems, telematics, ABS, airbags, tyres, engine oils, tractors, spark plugs, EFI systems, 3D printing, etc

Project Examples

  • Primary interviews with leading finishing equipment suppliers in India

    An international supplier of finishing equipment wanted a third-party assessment of the total global addressable market, specifically in the automotive OEM and industrial segments. In-depth interviews with suppliers of finishing & powder coating equipment in India helped capture the overall demand for pumps in the country, leading types of spray guns, pumps and electrostatic guns used in the segments under review, and their sales and market shares in India.

  • Market intelligence on the plastic beverage bottle preform equipment & aftermarket tooling in India

    A management consulting firm wanted to assess plastic beverage bottle pre-form equipment systems and aftermarket tooling in India. ValueNotes built in-depth profiles of local firms based on a mix of primary interviews and secondary research - company size in terms of number of employees/ revenue/ units sold, products offered, pricing, quality comparisons between locally manufactured & imported systems, and customer details.

  • Opportunity assessment study of the Auto ID & Data Capture (AIDC) market in India

    Our client wanted to size the AIDC market in India, including growth projections & competitor market shares, and identify the most lucrative sectors in terms of potential size and growth. Interviews with supply-side respondents (distributors, dealers, competition sales employees, RFID system integrators) helped establish the market size. Based on interviews with end-user companies, we identified the industry verticals and product sub-categories that the client needed to focus on.

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