Engineering products and services form the core of the economy, but face headwinds and threats from a number of sources, including:

  • Rapid advances in technology and automation
  • Uncertain investment climate, amidst global over-capacity
  • A flood of imports from countries like China
  • Long gestation projects and uncertain cash flows

Our research solutions help manufacturers of engineering goods become more competitive and responsive to threats and opportunities. Our expertise across the value chain has helped answer numerous strategic and tactical questions for our engineering customers, including:

  • When can I expect infrastructure investments to drive demand?
  • How do large customers perceive my products or technologies?
  • How does decision-making vary across end-user segments, or types of buyers?
  • Which customer segments should I focus on?
  • Why does my competitor beat me in this market?
  • How do intermediaries and channels influence the customer?

Our engineering practice is divided into the following segments:


Looking for answers to a critical business question?
  • Aluminium substituting steel in automobiles Car makers are increasingly substituting steel with aluminium as a base material. Suppliers of aluminium and manufacturers of auto assemblies and components are gearing up for this. Aluminium is making inroads into automotives as a ‘material of choice’ as it supports the OEMs’ light-weighting strategies. Jaguar switched to all-aluminium bodies in 2009 with their XJ and XK models. Other luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Land Rover soon followed suit. ... Read more...
  • Switchgear and Control gear industry in India 2013-17 The switchgear and control gear industry in India is valued at INR 135bn (FY 2013), growing at ~15% for the last three years. This industry report provides intelligence on the industry’s current market scenario, growth, industry drivers & challenges, competitive landscape, industry analysis and trends. ... continue reading. Read more...


What our clients have to say about us…

What a wonderful job you all did. My client is very happy, and we will be proceeding with next steps with your group to help us drill down even further. I am excited to have finally had a project to work on with you. And now that I know the high quality of the work, I will push more and more of my clients to benefit from your capabilities – A US-based marketing consulting & execution firm

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