The engineering industries face unprecedented challenges, arising from:

  • Automation and robotics
  • The need to service fast-growing developing markets at much lower price points
  • Rapid adoption of IoT and analytics
  • Rising competitive pressures, especially in emerging markets
  • Climate change and environmental regulation


Our expertise across the value chain has helped answer numerous strategic and tactical questions for our engineering customers, including:

  • How do customers perceive my products or technologies?
  • How does decision-making vary across end-user segments, or types of buyers?
  • Which customer segments should I focus on?
  • Why does my competitor beat me in this market?
  • How do intermediaries and channels influence the customer?


Our engineering practice is divided into the following segments:


We’ve studied numerous sub-markets including column pipes, cranes, UPSs, sensors & switches, HVAC systems, telematics, ABS, airbags, tyres, engine oils, tractors, spark plugs, EFI systems, 3D printing, etc

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Project Examples

  • Identification of target companies in India & Zimbabwe for an accounting accreditation program

    The client, offering an accounting accreditation program, wanted to determine the business opportunities available in companies in India and Zimbabwe. We identified large multinational and domestic companies that had an accounting department in the country. Detailed profiles were created for each company - hierarchical structure, operations, revenues, projected growth, and size of the accounting department.

  • Financial update and analysis of global online travel companies

    A consulting firm, based in the US, wanted to determine the intrinsic value of companies in the global online travel industry. An in-depth financial and product analysis of each company was carried out to evaluate them. A comparable financial model was created to help analyse the company figures.

  • Opportunity assessment for outsourcing in the domestic BFSI sector for a mutual fund transfer agency

    The client wanted to target specific customers in the BFSI sector to offer them outsourcing services. Our research covered the vendor landscape and each of these customer segments - regulations, level of outsourcing, key needs & gaps, and outsourcing trends and forecasts. Interviews with vendors, customers, and experts from across India provided a detailed mapping of vendors with customers and the services provided by them.

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