BPOKPO and Professional Services
BPO/KPO and Professional Services

Technology and telecommunication have made remote working routine, and created a huge global services back-office industry. Apart from conventional IT and BPO, this has extended to engineering design, film editing, special effects, writing, teaching… and much more… including market research!
Technology, especially artifical intelligence and analytics are driving the race towards ever lower costs and higher productivity.
ValueNotes has considerable experience in KPO, BPO and IT services, and have helped our clients with:

  • Identifying acquisition opportunities in niche KPO/BPO
  • Assessing market/opportunity size for specific services/processes
  • Vendor benchmarking and partner selection
  • Country/location benchmarking
  • How profitable are different services/processes?
  • How will process automation impact me: threats and opportunities


We’ve studied numerous sub-markets including business process management (BPM), e-learning, publishing / legal process / F&A / CRM / engineering design / analytics / market research outsourcing, management consulting, training, etc

Project Examples

  • White paper on publishing outsourcing for a global private equity firm

    The whitepaper provides an overview of the content BPO landscape, insights into the changing needs of customers and what it takes for publishing BPOs to succeed. It evaluates the spectrum of opportunities available to publishing BPOs in the content outsourcing space, with a focus on adjacent verticals currently serviced by BPOs, specialized KPOs and technology companies.

  • Opportunity assessment study of the domestic business process management (BPM) market

    Nasscom, India's trade body of the IT-BPM industry, and DeitY (Department of Electronics & IT) wanted to establish the domestic demand for BPM services. Based on the findings, the Government of India will identify areas that will drive growth and determine those that have to be incentivised to aid growth. Interviews with senior executives of top BPM providers helped determine the market size, future growth projections, trends, and the structure by verticals and service lines.

  • Market intelligence on the plastic beverage bottle preform equipment & aftermarket tooling in India

    A management consulting firm wanted to assess plastic beverage bottle pre-form equipment systems and aftermarket tooling in India. ValueNotes built in-depth profiles of local firms based on a mix of primary interviews and secondary research - company size in terms of number of employees/ revenue/ units sold, products offered, pricing, quality comparisons between locally manufactured & imported systems, and customer details.

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