opportunity assessment

  • Market assessment for a US-based online broking company. Assessed the market potential for online trading of US stocks by Indian investors and analyzed relative attractiveness of different partnering models. Interviewed more than 75 brokers, 200 retail investors, consultants and experts in India.
  • Industry report on factoring services in India for a French company. Estimated current and projected demand for factoring services in India. Analyzed the competitive landscape, trends, drivers, pricing and profitability of industry players. Insights from interviews with industry executives and experts helped the client fine tune their India strategy.
  • India entry strategy for a large international publisher of school books. A study to assess the potential for selling the existing international school book titles of the client in international schools and reputed private schools in selected cities in India. In-depth interviews with senior officials at selected target schools in Mumbai and Delhi provided actual key influencer insights.

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