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Improve RoI from your intelligence investments

Corporates and professional services firms understand the need for holistic competitive or strategic intelligence. However, they are constrained by:

  • Diversity of needs = diversity of skills
  • Shortage of resources/skills
  • Mismatch of skills
  • Sudden spikes in intelligence demand (e.g. month end, prior to strategic plans)
  • Information silos


Our research support services can help manage unpredictable requirements for specific skill sets, help you manage peaks and troughs, and optimally utilize your own team.


We offer flexible engagement models… etc

Looking for answers to a critical business question?

Project Examples

What our clients have to say about us…

What a wonderful job you all did. My client is very happy, and we will be proceeding with next steps with your group to help us drill down even further. I am excited to have finally had a project to work on with you. And now that I know the high quality of the work, I will push more and more of my clients to benefit from your capabilities – A US-based marketing consulting & execution firm

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