primary research

  • India entry strategy for a large international publisher of school books. A study to assess the potential for selling the existing international school book titles of the client in international schools and reputed private schools in selected cities in India. In-depth interviews with senior officials at selected target schools in Mumbai and Delhi provided actual key influencer insights.
  • Business due diligence on unlisted Indian companies for a European consultant. Ongoing contract for background checks on numerous Indian companies across sectors. The investigation verifies physical presence, main businesses lines, financial health, reputation of owners and management. Included In-depth primary interviews with clients, vendors and employees combined with thorough litigation checks.
  • Due diligence on Indian business families and company managements. Due diligence on more than 25 Indian business houses and managements. Highlighted company activities, management background and reputation, personal and business reputation, political networks, financial cross-holdings, etc.

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