A leading building automation solutions provider wanted to gather competitive intelligence on its top-6 competitors in India to understand their

  • sales and marketing organisation structure
  • sales functions and revenues
  • products and services
  • intelligence on their customers (top verticals – commercial, industrial, institutional, office space, transportation)
  • company strategy
  • competitor perception



  • Exhaustive interviews with current & ex-employees of competitors, industry experts and channel partners helped establish the strategies and organisation structure of the top-6 players in the building solutions sector in the country
  • In-depth secondary research – ROC filings, annual reports, competitors’ websites, business journals – provided insights into competitors’ M&A activities, customer intelligence, solutions provided by them, etc.

Social media websites – like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – were mined to establish the sales & marketing efforts and organisation structures



Based on our intelligence on the top-6 competitors, the client was able to devise an appropriate strategy that helped them win more projects. Our research also enabled them to focus on the upcoming building solutions that had a huge potential in the future.

Sample Deliverables

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