In the 21st century, technology is more than just an integral part of our lives – it is changing the way we live, work and communicate. A variety of technological advancements are converging to disrupt almost every industry:

  • Robotics and automation
  • Analytics, big data and the cloud
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digitization of everything
  • Fin-tech, ad-tech, everything-tech
  • Data security and privacy


ValueNotes has helped start-ups, VCs and established players answer questions like:

  • What is the opportunity for my new product?
  • How will this technology impact my business?
  • Is this a sustainable business model, and why?
  • What will drive/inhibit adoption?
  • How can I leverage technology to compete better?


We’ve studied numerous sub-markets including security paper, discrete manufacturing, printers & peripherals, mobile payments, Internet data centre, etc

Project Examples

  • Competitive intelligence on the mobile handset industry in India

    A global risk solutions firm required intelligence on certain handset manufacturers. Interviews with employees, suppliers, channel partners and industry experts provided qualitative insights about their manufacturing & assembly processes, components outsourced, future plans, and the likelihood of them creating a manufacturing hub in India. A SWOT analysis and granular financial information was also provided for each company.

  • Growth opportunities in the SMB IT business market in Europe

    A printer company wanted a quick turn-around research to determine the IT spend of small to medium sized (SMB) firms in Europe. Comprehensive search strings enabled us to gather relevant information from local language online sources. The information was then translated into English using Google translator. Our research highlighted the IT spend of SMB firms in Europe, a break-down by country & business vertical, and factors influencing the IT buying process.

  • Feasibility study for developing an e-commerce platform for home-chefs

    A technology firm wanted to test the feasibility of developing an online portal to connect home-chefs with customers. Our report provided an estimate of the size of the restaurant business in the city under study and the key competitors. Over 100 home-chefs, offering a variety of cuisines, were selected based on criteria such as hygiene standards and their willingness to accept and fulfil online orders.

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