technology tracking

  • Innovation Strategies of global FMCG companies. Studied and analysed systemic changes adopted by global FMCG companies to encourage "open" innovation. Mapped new skill sets organizations were seeking/ building to make changes effective and successful.
  • Market assessment of scintillation-based security equipment in India. A leading manufacturer of scintillation crystal technologies wanted to establish the market size, segmentation and growth forecast of scintillation-based security equipment in India, focused on military, paramilitary, aviation, and civilian installations. Extensive primary and desk research helped assimilate technologically specific, and extremely granular and sensitive data in all these cryptic segments.
  • Opportunity assessment study for mortgage KPO services. A provider of cloud-based document sharing, imaging and collaboration solutions wanted to evaluate the opportunity for IT enabled mortgage KPO services in the US. In-depth interviews with industry stakeholders helped establish the market size, growth trends, major local & international players, and prevalent technologies. Based on our research, the client was able to take an informed decision regarding their US entry strategy.

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