How are senior executives responding to the disruption caused to their businesses by Covid-19?


The coronavirus knows no boundaries; it has impacted every corner of the world, sparing no economy. Companies across sectors are reeling under the strain of the virus, overwhelming business leaders.


ValueNotes ran a survey, between June and July of 2020, to gather insights on how Covid-19 was impacting different industries across the globe. We invited senior executives to share the measures they were taking in response to the pandemic.


We had 350 senior executives who participated in the survey. They were from a mix of industries such as construction, consumer goods & services, healthcare, industrials, and professional services, to name a few.


Here are some of the findings from our survey –

  • Professional services, automotive, industrial and consumer services companies were amongst the hardest hit
  • BFSI, consumer goods, healthcare, ICT and paper & packaging were relatively less affected than other industries
  • Over 75% of the participating companies had resorted to some sort of cost-reduction measures


The key findings of the survey are available in our report titled Covid-19: Global Business Sentiment Survey, which can be downloaded here.


If there’s any specific analysis that you’d like to have, please get in touch with us on If we are able to provide you with it based on the data we have, we’ll be happy to share it.

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