Middle of last year, a young colleague of ours was invited to be the guest editor of our monthly in-house magazine. Despite her tight client deadlines, she was keen to do something different for the issue’s editorial. She ran a quick one-question survey on our intranet – “Would you recommend ValueNotes, and why?” A majority of the team mentioned that the organisation had a great working atmosphere and they appreciated the non-superficial, non-corporate culture. “Great colleagues; good place to grow, learn and innovate; easy access to top quality management.”


The findings of the survey tell it like it is… Perhaps these are some of the reasons for our successful growth from half a dozen people in 2000. We have never compromised on our core values of honesty and transparency throughout the journey of building this company.

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While the atmosphere at ValueNotes provides for a flexible and employee-friendly culture, our work is intellectually stimulating, and can often be extremely challenging. Our clients, located across time zones, come from a variety of industries.


We have developed a wide range of in-house training programmes, which range from classroom-style training to external seminars and workshops. As a result, we are able to highlight our employees’ core competencies, identify the areas for gaining additional knowledge, and help them grow 360°.


We are an ideal choice for research professionals looking for a career in business research, financial & equity research, and competitive intelligence. The opportunities that we offer are diverse and challenging.

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