The healthcare industry faces dramatic change due to a variety of factors:

  • Emergence of low cost medical devices and treatments
  • Rising costs of healthcare coupled with greater private spending
  • Uncertainty around shifting regulations
  • Consolidation of the hospital industry, coupled with segmentation and specialization
  • Shortage of qualified healthcare professionals
  • Rising insurance penetration in emerging markets


ValueNotes healthcare practice helps providers of medical devices, equipment; diagnostic and healthcare services understand how they can increase market share, segment the market, benchmark competition and more. Our intelligence solutions help answers questions like:

  • Are doctors/KOLs aware of changes in technology/new products?
  • How do different types of customers make buying decisions?
  • Should my sales strategy be different for large/small hospitals?
  • How do I customize my channel strategy for different regions/cities?
  • Is my competitor’s brand stronger than mine?
  • What is the opportunity for my product/service?


We’ve studied numerous sub-markets including ambulatory infusion pumps, urinalysis, immunoassay, insulin pens / needles / lancets, IV Lines & catheters, radiotherapy devices, orthopaedic implants & prosthetics, drug rehab, hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic reagents, etc.

Project Examples

  • Acquisition of a pharmaceutical company

    The client was interested in acquiring a pharma company. Multiple global and country-specific databases were mined to select over 200 possible targets based on predefined criteria - companies with revenues of USD 100-500mn, with established proprietary or branded generic products that were sold in more than one country (US, Europe, Japan, Brazil, China, Korea). Further research was done to establish ownership details and financials for the previous three years.

  • Competitive intelligence for disposable insulin pens in India

    A diabetes therapeutic firm wanted to assess a competitor's recently launched disposable insulin pen. A combination of mystery shopping and in-depth interviews with ex-employees, production executives, supply chain partners and industry analysts helped gather intelligence on the product features (technical aspects and usage); manufacturing process (suppliers for each component, product assembly process, current & planned capacity, commercial partners abroad); and the countries in which the product was expected to be launched in the next few years.

  • Database of biotech & pharma firms in California

    The project, based exclusively on secondary research, involved creating a list of biotech and pharma companies based in California, along with their capabilities. The focus was on firms with capabilities related to translation research (pharmacokinetics, quantitative modelling, pharmacodynamics), diagnostics (for patient selection/ stratification), medical devices, and mobile health (health apps, wearables for health/wellness tracking).

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