The healthcare industry faces dramatic change due to a variety of factors:

  • Rising competition from both multinationals and local players
  • Emergence of low cost medical devices and treatments
  • Rising costs of healthcare coupled with greater private spending
  • Uncertainty around shifting regulations
  • Consolidation of the hospital industry, coupled with segmentation and specialization
  • Shortage of qualified healthcare professionals


ValueNotes’ healthcare practice helps suppliers to the medical community understand how they can increase market share, segment the market, benchmark competition and more. We help manufacturers of medical devices and medical equipment with a variety of intelligence solutions:

  • What is the opportunity in Tier II and Tier III cities?
  • How do different types of customers make buying decisions?
  • Should my sales strategy be different for large/small hospitals?
  • How do I customize my channel strategy for different regions/cities?
  • Is my competitor’s brand stronger than mine?


Looking for answers to a critical business question?
  • Opportunity in China’s home beauty & home healthcare devices market China – a tricky market for a distributor of home beauty & home healthcare devices The Chinese market was flooded with a wide range of home beauty & home healthcare devices, from multiple local & international manufacturers. Each product segment had several sub-product categories; and there were >20 players, a mix of local and international companies.   One of the country’s leading distributors of consumer electronics was unable to establish which product segments ... Read more...
  • Hospitals: Research helps identify high growth niche segments Rapid evolution and growth of the hospital sector According to the World Health Statistics, India has just nine hospital beds per 10,000 population; compare that with the global average of 30 beds. Two decades ago, the government owned 70% of the hospital beds in the country; today, that ratio has reversed. With 100% FDI allowed in the healthcare sector, foreign inflows are on the rise. There has been active participation by ... Read more...

What our clients have to say about us…

It was a very broad geographic project. We had internal staff and other partners, and you clearly outperformed all of them. You were very proactive and made recommendations that were actually very positive and helped us out. You went beyond – Project manager (healthcare practice), International research firm

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