benchmarking sales structures

  • Opportunity assessment for poultry products in India for a PE firm. Research report on the poultry sector in India. Analyzed the retail value chain, industry structure, segmentation, consumer behaviour, supply chain, regulations, cost structures, pricing trends & margins, along with business model and SWOT analysis of key players.
  • Competitive intelligence for an integrated automation & software solutions provider. Our client wanted to benchmark its competitors to enhance sales and marketing effectiveness of HVAC automation products and solutions. ValueNotes analyzed competitors' products and services, distribution channels, financials, organization structure, manufacturing, sales, brand positioning, value proposition, and pricing strategy.
  • Competitive intelligence on global distribution for air conditioner spare parts. An air conditioner manufacturer wanted to improve global distribution for spare parts. In-depth interviews provided information on the competitors' distribution cycles across regions: North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). Parameters studied included inventory management, pricing, and the structure of the flow of spare parts from manufacturing location to regional distributors.

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