With a high employee turnover amongst research analysts in the IT industry, it was hard to keep a tab on the movements of analysts. Our client, a US-based information provider, offered a database – of ~8000 IT research analysts from across 1000 global research firms – that needed to be maintained and kept updated at all times.



The demanding and meticulous task involves a team of 10 well-trained ValueNotes analysts who update the database on a daily basis with

  • analysts’ job titles, their location, contact details, areas of specialisation
  • information on blogs and research reports authored by the analysts
  • IT events organised by the research companies, along with information on the speakers, participating firms, and the agenda of the event

In addition to referring to the websites of the research firms, social networking sites – such as LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs – are used to track analysts’ movements more accurately



The collated information goes through several rounds of quality checks before it is made live on our client’s online product interface, thus assuring companies and event organisers of a reliable up-to-date database which allows them to

  • build strong relationships with analysts
  • accurately monitor and target their IT professionals outreach in a focused manner
  • filter the database for analyst coverage areas and research work

Sample Deliverables

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