ValueNotes is a leading market and competitive intelligence firm with global capabilities. Since 2000, we have helped hundreds of customers develop strategy and make better business decisions by providing actionable intelligence.

ValueNotes’ Strategic Intelligence capabilities are designed to fuel your business growth via actionable insights from your ecosystem.


Innumerable long-term relationships with leading global corporations, consulting firms, research publishers, investors, etc. – are a testimony of our ability to evolve to serve changing needs. Our years of experience in serving the most demanding customers in the world have enabled us to refine our offerings, to provide you with an engagement model that works for you.

Whether you’re responsible for strategy, marketing, competitive analysis, market research, mergers and acquisitions, or analyzing investment opportunities – ValueNotes can help you make better decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.



  • ValueNotes saves a motorcycle major from being duped out of millions
    Due diligence on a prospective joint venture partner   An Asian motorcycle manufacturer was in the final round of talks with a prospective Indian distributor. As a routine procedural requirement, the client wanted a background check on their potential partner. As they did not have a presence in India, they were not able to ascertain – The company’s background and reputation – Past business experience and financial figures – Physical presence and infrastructure   The required turnaround ...
  • ValueNotes helps global printer company increase market share in India
    Market intelligence for developing a strategy to boost market share   A leading global printer company wanted to revisit their market strategy in India. The company was losing market share in the country and was not able to address the problem in the absence of actionable market analysis. The company wanted to understand the dynamics of the micro printer market in India in order to: – Determine the causes of fall in its ...

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The research was done with a methodical approach and constant weekly interactions build and easy flow agreement / conviction led output. Process followed as per proposal, which was great. A+ both for client servicing perspective and project management – Global water solutions provider

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