A Leading IT products company needed granular segmentation of competitor’s revenue & sales team structure


Our client needed intelligence on the operations of a leading software company in India to establish its revenues with a region and product-wise break-up. They also wanted to understand the structure of the target company’s sales team in India.


The said company was not listed in India, and hence the data available through desk research was the cumulative figures for the Asia-Pacific region. This limited our client’s understanding of their competitor’s strategy and business model. Understanding the competitor’s revenue structure was of immense strategic value to our client.


ValueNotes used superior elicitation and sophisticated estimation techniques to provide actionable inputs


Our research design incorporated elaborate validation and triangulation methodologies, to piece together seemingly random bits of information collected to see the big picture and its implications for our client. We used a top-down and bottom-up approach to obtain granular information on high level numbers and validate them with on-the-ground sales targets.


Given that there was virtually no secondary information available, we had to conduct exhaustive primary research to estimate the revenues of the company. The target company’s business functions were distributed across different offices and locations in India. So, the biggest challenge was to identify contacts within the company who would have information about revenues and sales targets.

  • ValueNotes used social media extensively to source contacts within the target company and to conduct interviews.
  • We also tapped into the personal networks of employees at ValueNotes. This helped us acquaint ourselves with people at the target company, and enhanced our chances of getting the information.


We conducted in-depth interviews with the company’s employees, ex-employees and partners, to investigate the sales structure, corporate hierarchy, and target markets by region.


We found the India revenues as a percentage of the Asia Pacific revenues and validated them with the sales targets of the company in India. We also validated this by adding up the revenues from all of their products.


ValueNotes helped the client formulate a granular go-to-market strategy to win against their key competitor


The revenue estimates provided by ValueNotes helped our client analyse the key stronghold markets (both region- and product-wise) of their competitor. The insights provided by us helped them formulate a proactive go-to-market strategy with a clear understanding of their competitors. Our client was able to realign their India sales based on the comprehensive CI provided by us.

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