Consumer goods and retail
Consumer Goods and Retail

A variety of trends are dramatically altering consumer product businesses:

  • Rising health awareness, and shift to organic
  • e-commerce disruption
  • Online and personalized advertising
  • Better educated consumers
  • Rising intensity of competition
  • Retail consolidation

These challenges also present significant opportunities, as spending power continues to grow – especially in emerging markets.
ValueNotes has considerable experience in assessing competitor and channel intelligence, that we use to help answer critical questions such as:

  • What is my competitors’ go-to-market or distribution strategy?
  • How do dealers and distributors influence sales, and how do they treat my brands?
  • How do brand preferences vary across channels?
  • Assess challenges from new entrants?
  • How will e-commerce affect my margins?


We’ve studied numerous sub-markets including beverages, breweries & microbreweries, ice creams, probiotic & prebiotic supplements, processed / ready-to-eat foods, almonds, dairy products, confectioneries, poultry, abattoirs, air conditioners, tissue paper, cosmetics, etc

Project Examples

  • Feasibility study for developing an e-commerce platform for home-chefs

    A technology firm wanted to test the feasibility of developing an online portal to connect home-chefs with customers. Our report provided an estimate of the size of the restaurant business in the city under study and the key competitors. Over 100 home-chefs, offering a variety of cuisines, were selected based on criteria such as hygiene standards and their willingness to accept and fulfil online orders.

  • Interviews with experts in the commercial laundry equipment market in India

    A management consulting firm in China wanted to establish the size of India's commercial laundry equipment market and determine the investment opportunities in the sector. In-depth interviews were conducted with supply chain partners, manufacturers of laundry equipment and end-users (professional laundromat operators, hospital & hotel laundry heads and owners of laundry facilities).

  • Competitor intelligence study for a leading e-tailing company

    An e-tailing company wanted to track their biggest competitor in India to get an overall picture of their operations, profitability and future outlook. In-depth interviews with industry stakeholders helped gathered critical information on customer base, gross merchandise value, marketing activities, financials, service capability, technology, organization structure and customer support capabilities.

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