partner selection

  • Market assessment for a US-based online broking company. Assessed the market potential for online trading of US stocks by Indian investors and analyzed relative attractiveness of different partnering models. Interviewed more than 75 brokers, 200 retail investors, consultants and experts in India.
  • Investment opportunity study on distance learning & vocational institutes. A potential foreign investor wanted to understand the investment opportunity of distance learning and vocational institutes in India. The study involved establishing the prospects for these sectors by gathering industry insights through in-depth interviews with leading players in the industry, experts and consultants.
  • Partner identification and selection for large capacity UPS' and inverters. The client's strategic intent was to lower production costs by sourcing from Asia. This sourcing study assessed the target companies manufacturing capabilities - especially in 100-2000 kVA range, and expertise in IGBT & PCBs. Three suppliers were short-listed after interactions with management, dealers and customers.

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