Building and Construction Products

Suppliers to the construction and building industry face a multitude of challenges arising from:

  • The need to adopt technologies that lower the cost of construction
  • Unplanned urbanization
  • Changing customer lifestyles, and tastes
  • New materials technologies
  • The push towards green construction


We help manufacturers understand the changes in the construction industry, and make informed strategic or tactical decisions. Our intelligence and research helps our customers answer questions like:

  • Which cities/regions are likely to drive growth in construction and why?
  • What do channel partners and influencers (architects, builders, planners) think about my product?
  • What is the likely adoption of new products, materials or technologies?
  • What is my competitor’s channel and go-to-market strategy?


Looking for answers to a critical business question?
  • ValueNotes helps a Spanish roof tiles manufacturer explore opportunities in India ValueNotes helps a Spanish roof tiles manufacturer explore opportunities in India   A leading Spanish manufacturer of clay roof tiles had heard of the rising opportunities in India through interactions with Indian companies in the building materials industry at trade exhibitions. In order to explore the opportunity further, they wanted to get a detailed understanding of the roof tiles market in India and identify potential and premium distributors interested in partnering with ... Read more...
  • Market Intelligence: Ground level inputs for a location study Optimal location for an assembly plant   A Finnish welding solutions company wanted to set up an assembly plant in India. Which industrial clusters have land available and at what cost? Are they close to the customers? Will the right blue collar skill sets be available? Will managerial talent be available and willing to relocate there? Is the cluster close to an airport as well as a port? Is water and electricity ... Read more...

What our clients have to say about us…

Thank you for the fruitful cooperation regarding the market study, to be honest it exceeds my expectations. This is a very good basis for ongoing internal discussions. Furthermore I would like to thank not only for the result but also for the process leading to the result and I would like to stress that I enjoyed the cooperation – A German lighting systems manufacturer

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