Building and Construction Products

Suppliers to the construction and building industry face a multitude of challenges arising from:

  • The need to adopt technologies that lower the cost of construction
  • Unplanned urbanization
  • Changing customer lifestyles, and tastes
  • New materials technologies
  • The push towards green construction


We help manufacturers understand the changes in the construction industry, and make informed strategic or tactical decisions. Our intelligence and research helps our customers answer questions like:

  • Which cities/regions are likely to drive growth in construction and why?
  • What do channel partners and influencers (architects, builders, planners) think about my product?
  • What is the likely adoption of new products, materials or technologies?
  • What is my competitor’s channel and go-to-market strategy?


We’ve studied numerous sub-markets including roofing, tiles, pipes, flooring, cladding, waterproofing, furniture, lighting, electrical cables, building automation, sanitary ware, elevators, etc.

Project Examples

  • Supplier selection study for decorative lighting fixtures

    An importer of high quality lighting fixtures in the US wanted to gauge the feasibility of sourcing decorative lighting fixtures from India rather than China. They also wanted to identify Indian manufacturers who could be potential business partners. We presented a comparison of the business environment between India and China. Over 200 Indian manufacturers of decorative lighting fixtures were identified; eight were shortlisted based on their financial stability and manufacturing, designing and export capabilities.

  • Market sizing of column pipes in western India

    A leading manufacturer of column pipes wanted to establish the potential size of their market in western India. They also required a voice of customer study to understand the perception of customers towards their brand vis-a-vis competitors. In-depth interviews with manufacturers, distributors, system integrators, and end-users of column pipes helped determine the market size and potential market, and provided an analysis of the competitive landscape.

  • Voice of customer study for a global lighting component manufacturer

    A customer satisfaction study in India for a German lighting control gear manufacturer helped establish their buying preferences and product & brand perception based on parameters such as product range / quality, price, reliability, after sales service, and user friendliness. ValueNotes recommended the products, end-users and distribution channels the client needed to focus on, thus enabling the client to improve their products & services and eventually increase their market presence.

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