A manufacturer of HVAC systems wanted to assess the growth opportunity of HVAC systems in the petrochemical and oil & gas pipeline sectors in the US. The focus was to establish value and volume of HVAC units installed in offshore refineries, petrochem  plants, and pressure & measure stations.



The study relied primarily on secondary research. While there was substantial information available on the HVAC industry, there was limited data on its usage in offshore petrochemical plants.

  • To arrive at the market size, we established the capex and future investments on HVAC in petrochemical plants by scanning annual reports and investor presentations of the major players
  • We reached out to industry experts (HVAC design & construction companies, senior HVAC engineers)
    РThese conversations helped us arrive at a thumb rule to estimate new / replacement  demand of HVAC units for different applications in petrochem plants



Our research provided the client with valuable insights into the

  • Current and future (2018-2025) market size of HVAC systems in offshore petrochemical plants and in the oil & gas pipeline space
  • Top HVAC design & construction companies dealing in installing these systems
  • Economic trends, regulatory changes and latest developments related to the sectors

Sample Deliverables

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