voice of customer

  • Voice of customer study to determine desired features of a new product. A German automotive and engineering firm - faced with increasing competition and dissatisfied customers - was restructuring their product strategy. Our analysis of customer perceptions/needs helped the client formulate their product differentiation strategy and design a new product.
  • Customer satisfaction survey for lighting control gears for a German client. We provided insights into buying preferences, product & brand perceptions, expectations, and overall satisfaction levels. Rating parameters included product range and quality, price, shelf life, reliability, after sales service, and user friendliness. The research provided inputs on product mix, key customer segments & distribution strategies.
  • Voice of customer study for a global lighting component manufacturer. A customer satisfaction study in India for a German lighting control gear manufacturer helped establish their buying preferences and product & brand perception based on parameters such as product range / quality, price, reliability, after sales service, and user friendliness. ValueNotes recommended the products, end-users and distribution channels the client needed to focus on, thus enabling the client to improve their products & services and eventually increase their market presence.

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