Client’s sales conversion cycle was highly unpredictable

An IT products company wanted to enhance their lead generation and prospecting processes to improve their sales conversion rates. Their sales pipeline was hugely unpredictable –

  • They were unable to predict which accounts they were likely to win, either by vertical or end-user industry or geography
  • They couldn’t understand why they were winning certain types of projects and losing others
  • They were unable to gauge their win scenario by order size


ValueNotes’ win-loss analysis helped determine an appropriate sales strategy

ValueNotes analysed the client’s customer data (current & lost bids) for the last three financial years to establish whether there was a correlation between customer groups, industries and sectors. We found that their sales team was focusing on a few big-ticket accounts. Our analysis found that these consumed greater sales resources, had lower win rates and longer gestation periods. At the same time, we found higher win rates and shorter sales cycles for certain types of SME customers.


ValueNotes reassessed the client’s sales strategy

  • We developed a well-defined process for qualifying and assessing new leads
  • Based on detailed customer feedback through primary research, the sales team was able to understand:
  • why some bids worked out in their favour, while others didn’t
  • how to prioritise sectors and types of companies to target
  • what their competitors were doing better than them





A re-oriented sales & marketing strategy resulted in a 30% win rate increase

ValueNotes’ win-loss analysis helped the client re-orient their sales & marketing strategy which resulted in a 30% increase in their win rate.


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