brand perception

  • Brand perception study for an asset management company. Evaluated the brand's image in the minds of Indian investors and potential synergies from partnering with a leading multinational asset management company. The study involved more than a hundred interviews with investors, brokers, distributors and advisors, and helped the client fine tune their branding and positioning strategy.
  • Market intelligence for a fall protection equipment manufacturer. The client wanted to evaluate the regulations governing health and safety standards, and establish the market potential and distribution network for safety equipment in India. In-depth interviews with procurement and safety officers across sectors such as power, oil & gas, construction, mining, transportation, and telecommunication, helped establish brand perceptions, factors influencing procurement, distribution network, market attractiveness, government regulations, value chain, and potential distribution partners.
  • Voice of customer study for a global lighting component manufacturer. A customer satisfaction study in India for a German lighting control gear manufacturer helped establish their buying preferences and product & brand perception based on parameters such as product range / quality, price, reliability, after sales service, and user friendliness. ValueNotes recommended the products, end-users and distribution channels the client needed to focus on, thus enabling the client to improve their products & services and eventually increase their market presence.

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