15 Oct 15 NPS Analysis – Only getting a score is not sufficient

Recently, I received a request from one of our vendors to spare time for a feedback call. I readily agreed, partly due to my own interest in such studies, and also as appreciation for their good work.

Unfortunately, the questions had not been well-designed or thought through, and my interviewer did not probe adequately when I indicated dissatisfaction on a couple of issues. I gave him the feedback anyway, and then it was my turn to ask, “On a scale of ten, how do you rate your NPS process?”

My question resulted in another round of discussion and feedback. I ended up sharing with him my 3 ‘quality control’ questions that I always ask, while designing any new NPS study.

Question 1: Do you monitor all touch points of the customer’s journey with you?

Customer experience begins and gains importance right from the time first contact is established. The final impression or rating, though an amalgamation of all the points, is at best an average over view. For a holistic view its imperative to know what went right and what did not at each touch point.

Question 2: Do you ask ‘why’ at every point?

While a number is a strong and useful indicator, qualitative insights provide clear action items and areas of improvement. In cases where a customer is not giving any qualitative feedback, probing for experiences, suggestions and impressions is a good idea. Requesting a rating on key parameters forces a customer to recall and share his experiences.

Question 3: Do you use NPS only to fix problems?

Only addressing their concerns does not result in satisfied customers. Once you fix a problem in your processes, most customers may not even notice its absence. On other hand, positive experiences through-out a customer’s journey compel him to notice your efforts.

The end objective of any NPS analysis is to facilitate ‘customer satisfaction’. Incorporating the above questions in the feedback process and absorbing the feedback in the delivery process – combined together provide a mechanism for improved customer experience.

Kajli Bakhshi

As a Project Manager at ValueNotes, Kajli led research support assignments and custom research studies across various industries. During her decade-long research experience, she helped clients make strategic decisions through opportunity assessment and competitive intelligence market studies.

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