20 Sep 16 Referrals driving Patanjali’s product trials and adoption

Patanjali ValueNotes AnalaysisAbout 46% of our respondents began using Patanjali products after recommendations from friends or relatives.

Though the (direct) influence of Baba Ramdev Yoga camps appears low in this survey, these are a vital channel for Patanjali. We found that most of the early adopters (2-3 years back)were directly influenced by Baba Ramdev or the yoga camps.

These early adopters are also followers of Baba Ramdev and his vision, and aggressively recommend the brand. This is akin to having a large marketing or sales force – at no cost.

These core followers are also highly motivated, even evangelical about the cause.


                  Source: ValueNotes Analysis

Patanjali ValueNotes Analaysis

The value of FMCG businesses lies in customer stickiness, as brand usage tends to be habit forming. Patanjali Ayurved has emerged out of nowhere, with  FY16 revenues pegged north of Rs 5,000 crores (>USD 750mn). The question on everybody’s mind is “Is it sustainable?”.

To hear what customers of Patanjali think about their products, and why they like (or buy them),
download the ValueNotes report – titled Patanjali is here to stay! – follow this link.

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