competitor sales and distribution analysis

  • Competitor intelligence on a niche non-dairy market for a global food major. Enabled client to make effective pricing and distribution changes to product lines, after investigating how competitors were able to price products more competitively, without compromising quality. Our research unearthed alternate supply streams for sourcing raw material and machinery, which the client had hitherto been unaware of.
  • Competitive benchmarking of the Asian beer market. An Asian brewer looking to expand in select Asian markets wanted detailed benchmarks of competing beer manufacturers in these countries. Company profiles included brands data, location of breweries, manufacturing capacities, sales & distribution channels, market shares, and key future growth strategies.
  • Market intelligence on the lighting solutions business. An industry leader in lighting solutions for business, home and outdoor applications, wanted market research on markets in Australia, India & Singapore. In-depth interviews with retailers and contractors in these regions helped profile retailers; analyze brands and their distribution channels; and understand how buying decisions were made.

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