A global leader in fluid handling systems wanted to establish the market opportunity for electrical cable protection products in India, specifically for real estate, electrical infrastructure and telecom

  • Market size for conduits, fittings & telecom ducts
  • Growth, trends and challenges over the next five years
  • Top competitors, their product pricing & distribution channels
  • Government agencies responsible for each segment, their decision-making process and selection criteria



  • ValueNotes interviewed 200+ respondents – government agencies, MEP and EPC contractors, manufacturers of conduits &fittings, and ducts (national & local), distributors/dealers

-In-depth desk research on government tenders provided insights into their annual action plans

  •  An analysis of the information gathered, provided insights into the size of the market by material and application, industry trends and drivers, competitive landscape, and the geographical variations



Based on our research, the client was able to

  • identify the unmet needs in the market
  • plan their entry strategy, and
  • establish how to differentiate their products for the Indian market

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