financial analysis

  • Research support for an M&A advisory firm. An advisory firm, focused on M&A, risk & tax regulatory services, required ongoing research support. Typical research requests include analysis of revenue, profitability, workforce, customers; comparative company analysis; deal tracking and analysis, etc. - across high-growth sectors.
  • Equity research & ongoing coverage for an Asian investment bank. Developed in-house financial models to evaluate & track selected companies' operations, financials, strategies, industry outlook, management, valuations and earnings risks. Developed models for a variety of businesses: banking, hospitality, real estate, power, IT, manufacturing, chemicals, etc.
  • Financial health of private hospitals in India. A VC wanted to evaluate the investment opportunity in the hospital sector in India and required research to determine the financial health of large private sector hospitals in India. The study involved analysis of the cost and revenue structures of Indian hospitals, and the returns provided by them.

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