investment appraisal

  • Financial health of private hospitals in India. A VC wanted to evaluate the investment opportunity in the hospital sector in India and required research to determine the financial health of large private sector hospitals in India. The study involved analysis of the cost and revenue structures of Indian hospitals, and the returns provided by them.
  • Investment opportunities in the global aged care market. Assessed investment opportunities in the global aged care (senior housing) market. Our report included industry size and structure, projected trends, demand-supply gaps and investment yields in the premium senior housing market in the US, Australia, NZ, UK, Germany, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and India.
  • Investment Opportunities in Outsourced Publishing BPO. A private equity fund was evaluating an investment in outsourced publishing services, with a focus on the STM (Scientific, Technical, & Medical) and educational publishing. We assessed viability via an analysis of publishers' and vendors' cost structures, & supply chain, and built scenarios highlighting future trends in cost structures.

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