customer profiling

  • Primary research across Europe, Asia and Africa for a globally renowned consulting firm. Analyzed the usage of travel and entertainment (T&E) corporate cards by companies in India, Australia, UK, South Africa and Ireland. Conducted in-depth interviews with both quantitative and qualitative data on T&E card usage, annual T&E spends, key trends and the Expense Management Systems used to track spend.
  • Opportunity assessment of the investment management market in India. The client was looking to launch investment management products in India. The first phase of the study detailed the players in the Indian market, government regulations, and investment and savings habits of consumers. The second phase involved providing an analysis of the mutual fund distribution market in India.
  • Senior executive profiles of prospective clients for a management consulting firm. Comprehensive background information on senior executives in European companies including job profile, career history, management style, accomplishments, and publishing history. Our quick turnaround leveraging databases and public information helped them hone their strategy.

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