A manufacturer of air conditioners wanted to achieve a 20% growth in the Oceania region (focusing on Australia & New Zealand). The challenge to achieve this was significant as the region was one of the lowest growth markets at the time, and was dominated by the top-3 players.



  • Over 150 interviews were conducted with senior management in the sales & marketing divisions of the leading air conditioner manufacturers in the region; owners & representatives of channel partners (sales & services dealers); owners of modern multi-brand retail outlets; and industry associations  and experts – to establish

– the size of the market (current & future), and segmentation by end-user segment and product type

– the channel strategy used by the top manufactures

– pricing of the competitors at various channel points



ValueNotes recommended the most lucrative regions, the types of air conditioners, the end-users, pricing strategy, and the distribution channels the client needed to focus on while formulating their long-term strategy for the Oceania region

Sample Deliverables

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