company profiling

  • Ongoing research support for a multinational asset management company. FTE commitment to provide investment research related support to the client's fund managers and research team and includes varied research assignments including competitive intelligence on products, markets, competitors, trends, regulation etc.
  • Research support for an M&A advisory firm. An advisory firm, focused on M&A, risk & tax regulatory services, required ongoing research support. Typical research requests include analysis of revenue, profitability, workforce, customers; comparative company analysis; deal tracking and analysis, etc. - across high-growth sectors.
  • Partner identification and selection for large capacity UPS' and inverters. The client's strategic intent was to lower production costs by sourcing from Asia. This sourcing study assessed the target companies manufacturing capabilities - especially in 100-2000 kVA range, and expertise in IGBT & PCBs. Three suppliers were short-listed after interactions with management, dealers and customers.

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