location analysis

  • Location study for the consulate of a Western government. Interviewed more than 60 CEOs of top Indian BPO companies to assess factors influencing the choice of destinations outside India and the likelihood of selecting the client's country for the next delivery centre.
  • Location analysis for a multinational automotive parts supplier. Our client wanted to benchmark key Indian auto clusters based on various parameters, including: raw material availability; cost of production, manpower, water, power and land; infrastructure and logistics, industrial policies and fiscal incentives, political risk, and economic development. Our SWOT analysis and scoring methodology helped the client choose an optimal location.
  • Optimal location study for setting up an assembly plant in India. A welding solutions company wanted to identify the optimal location for a factory in India. Our evaluation considered availability & cost of land / premises in industrial development centres, availability of manpower, presence of specified component suppliers, and quality of infrastructure (access to ports, roads, electricity, water).

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