early warning signals

  • Competitive intelligence of a leading supplier of pharmaceutical solvents. A global pharmaceutical company needed to understand strategic intent and planned capacity expansion of a supplier of pharmaceutical solvents. The project relied largely on interviews with competitors, equipment & material suppliers, design / construction / permitting personnel, consultants, distributors, and agents.
  • Competitive intelligence on a specific compound for a pharma major. Assessed development plans (trials, approvals, launch plans) of a competitor developing a specific drug for treating cystic fibrosis. Deduced marketing strategy and also identified other companies developing or with plans to develop similar products.
  • War gaming workshop for multinational looking to increase market share in India. ValueNotes was engaged conduct a War Game to facilitate formulation of a superior competitive business strategy for the company's operations in India. ValueNotes conducted intensive research, created a "playbook", and a strategy workshop, that simulates competitor behaviour and responses to arrive at the optimum strategy for the company.

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