Company profiling for competitor analysis


Our client, a leading global provider of specialized solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer health wanted to undertake competitor analysis for its strategic planning process. They needed competitor profiles to:

– Enable them to conduct appropriate analysis for developing their business strategy

– Identify an early warning signs and flag off areas that need attention and further investigation

– Be put in a framework that would allow regular updates


Build-and-maintain model for up-to-date analysis


In order to create impelling profiles, ValueNotes designed a research methodology around an optimal use of secondary (desk) research techniques. To begin with, ValueNotes identified credible sources, filtered relevant opinions and facts and also mapped out the usability of these. We provided the client with concise information in the key specific areas that solicited attention. ValueNotes’ deliverables comprised:

– Updated company profiles of its 25 key competitors

– Framework for monitoring of key strategic initiatives and recent developments undertaken by the competitors

– Sharp insights to enable effective analysis and decision-making for the client


Accurate timely inputs = superior competitive strategy


Through our company profiling, the client gained extensive knowledge about its competition and target industries and could prioritize the key areas that needed urgent attention. Multiple functional decision makers within the company benefited from the profiles as they were shared on an internal online knowledge center (wiki) and paved the way for superior strategy formulation.

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