A high technology multinational engineering group wanted to proactively track their competitive environment to increase their market share


Our client, a provider of mining and construction equipment, wanted to closely monitor competition, customer activity and economic drivers (including early warning signals). The objective was to provide them with actionable intelligence to:

  • identify and analyse potential sales leads
  • track competitor activity and market share
  • monitor economic and industry trends, and the likely impact on their business units


The client required a solution where specific intelligence would directly feed into individual business units to enable them to take timely and informed decisions.


ValueNotes creates unique and dynamic dashboards


Dynamic dashboards were designed and developed for each business unit to provide systematic and real-time intelligence

  • Macroeconomic & Trend analysis
  • Project information: Analysis of project cycles for all relevant tenders and projects
  • Competitor intelligence: Revenue, financial and market share analysis; along with R&D, new products and significant activity in the market place
  • Import analysis: Monthly analysis of dis-aggregated import data with inconsistent nomenclature to provide clear insights into imports and market shares


Desk research was supplemented by regular primary research across the value chain: contractors, potential customers, competitors, channel partners and industry experts.


ValueNotes’ market intelligence has helped the client gain a competitive advantage over its peers


The client’s sales team is now aware when their large customers announce new projects, whether these projects are funded, if they have got the various clearances, and in what stage of completion they are in. Given the long project and sales cycles in this sector, the intelligence helps them plan their sales strategy. Competitor data has helped them benchmark their performance versus competition.


ValueNotes’ real-time market and strategic intelligence has helped the client streamline their sales and marketing process for large infrastructure customers.

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