A leading rigid industrial packaging manufacturer was keen to expand their presence in India through the partnership route.

The company wanted to establish the business operations, revenues and profitability of six local industrial barrel manufacturers that were focused on sub-categories such as mild steel, HDPE & intermediate bulk containers (IBC).



Through in-depth desk research and ~50 primary interviews, ValueNotes established the financial & operational health of the six companies

  • Their annual barrel production, capacity utilization and production split between mild steel, HDPE & IBC sub-segments
  • Whether their focus on HDPE & IBC was likely to increase in the future
  • Capacity & types of equipment, major clients, and consistency in demand were captured to better understand overall operations
  • Analysed financial statements to capture production costs & revenues per barrel for each sub-segment; these were further validated through primary interviews



Based on our research, the client was able to select the most suitable partner

Sample Deliverables

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