A global FMCG firm required an overview of the airport retail market in India

  • They wanted to understand the ownership & operating models of four major players in two categories, viz. food & beverages and cosmetics & accessories



As the study involved getting intelligence on the client’s competitors, it was essential to obtain data from multiple credible sources

  • ~75 interviews with retail outlet operators, travel retail zone & airport operators, channel partners and retail consultants across metros in India

-helped establish the functioning of retail outlets in these airports

-highlighted the procedures and clearances involved while establishing outlets in airports

  • Company websites, financial documents, trade journals and other publicly available information sources were trawled to further validate the required procedures and clearances



  • Based on our research the client was able to identify the most lucrative airports
  • The detailed competitor profiles provided insights into the costs involved in operating an outlet and the revenues generated


Sample Deliverables

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