A leading FMCG company in India wanted to expand their presence in the e-commerce space, and hence wanted to

  • establish the business models of successful e-tailers
  • and the role played by each player in the supply chain



  • Close to 50 interviews with e-commerce consultants, employees of e-commerce players in the industry, and FMCG companies were conducted to understand the cost structures and business models prevalent in the industry
  • Data points were validated by various stakeholders in the value chain
  • These numbers were further triangulated with supply-side (FMCG firms) and buy-side (e-commerce) interviews



  • Our research provided detailed insights into

-The e-commerce models used by various companies

-Cost structures and TOT between e-commerce and FMCG firms

-Marketing spends (advertising & promotion)

-Margin structures

-Cash & Carry industry in India

Sample Deliverables

E-tailing_Market Players
E-tailing Cost structure
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