China – a tricky market for a distributor of home beauty & home healthcare devices
The Chinese market was flooded with a wide range of home beauty & home healthcare devices, from multiple local & international manufacturers. Each product segment had several sub-product categories; and there were >20 players, a mix of local and international companies.


One of the country’s leading distributors of consumer electronics was unable to establish which product segments in the home beauty & home healthcare devices market they needed to include in their distribution portfolio.


A flood of local and international brands
The home beauty & home healthcare devices market in China covered multiple product categories
Home beauty devices: facial & body cleansing & toning, facial rejuvenation, hair removal & grooming, and oral care
Home healthcare devices: monitoring devices for blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, and wellness


With the help of our local language translators, we gathered information from company websites, state/national/international industry publications, trade websites, and government websites (such as the National Bureau of Statistics of China) about the different players in the market.


Our report provided multiple data points-

  • the size of China’s market for home beauty devices and home healthcare devices
  • future growth estimates for each product category
  • distribution channels prevalent in the country (in-store / online sales)
  • industry structure and competitor data (key & niche players & their brands)
  • opportunities and challenges for each product category was highlighted


Our research helped streamline our client’s distribution portfolio
Based on our research, the client was able to expand their distribution portfolio into including select home beauty & home healthcare devices that had promising growth opportunities in the future.

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