A leading group in China, that had diversified into consumer electronics, wanted to understand the home beauty and home healthcare devices market, and the future potential of select devices

  • Home beauty devices: facial & body cleansing & toning, facial rejuvenation, hair removal & grooming, and oral care
  • Home healthcare devices: monitoring devices for blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, and wellness



Information gathered from company websites, state/national/ international industry publications, trade websites, and government websites (such as the National Bureau of Statistics of China) provided insights into the

  • size of China’s market for home beauty devices and home healthcare devices
  • future growth estimates for each product category
  • distribution channels prevalent in the country (in-store / online sales)
  • industry structure & competitor data (key & niche players & their brands)



  • The report helped the client strategize their distribution portfolio to include select home beauty and home healthcare devices based on their future growth opportunities

Sample Deliverables

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