• A leading engineering services provider wanted to understand the market for predictive analytics solutions for asset management in the heavy equipment, mining and oil & gas industries across several countries (US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia)



  • Identified key entities with a great need for predictive analytics
  • It was necessary to assess the criticality of their assets by mapping them with the process and checking if predictive analytics was being carried out for the critical assets
  • Estimated the differences in levels of adoption across different geographies and stages of asset life
  • Interviewed over 65 stakeholders from the customer and supplier side to understand the need and adoption of predictive analytics



  • Our analysis helped the client devise an effective strategy for their product, particularly for customers in Brazil:

– Identify the right customers and position itself to them by assessing the nature and attractiveness of different segments

– Understand the major pain points faced by different industries

– Identify gaps in terms of domain expertise and software solutions development

– Develop a more effective marketing strategy

Sample Deliverables

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