A technology solutions firm wanted to strengthen their client engagement programme. With customers based across the globe, they were unaware of how these customers felt about their products –

  • How satisfied were they with the quality of the technical design / architecture implemented by the team?
  • Were there any new features they would like to have?
  • Was the team able to solve technically challenging problems?



  • Two people from each customer’s company were interviewed
    – one with the person whom the client interacted with on a regular basis, and the other was with his reporting manager
  • The interviewer probed for qualitative feedback, which went beyond the information that the client was keen to have
    – We learnt there were a few detractors; the client was able to address their grievances in time and saved them from moving to a competitor
    – Some customers had recommended the client to other companies



Apart from establishing the most sought after NPS score – a metric that could feed into their internal appraisal system – the C-Sat programmer helped our client discover several unmet needs which they could fulfil, adding to their bottom line

  • What our client had to say – “This exercise definitely showed us the possibility and benefits of doing a third-party assessment.”

Sample Deliverables

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