A fund management firm had invested in online businesses across a selection of sunrise sectors, such as online classifieds, recruitment, real estate… They required a deeper understanding of these sectors to help them decide whether or not they should stay invested in these businesses

  • What were the key growth drivers and trends?
  • Who were the key players? How different were their business models? And which of them were likely to sustain in the future?



  • Nearly 100 interviews (in each sector under focus) were conducted across tier I & II cities in India with customers, industry experts, key market players and their present & ex-employees



We provided insights into various aspects of the businesses

  • the growth opportunities in each sector
  • business models and competitive positioning of the key players
  • buying behaviour & future spends of customers
  • future trends & the major disruptions in each business sector
  • the impact of mobiles on the online market

Our research helped establish whether the target companies were likely to remain market leaders in their respective sectors in the future

Sample Deliverables

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