ValueNotes offers flexible engagement models that are customized to the client’s need. We offer

  • Usage based pricing and minimal setup costs
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Low minimum ticket size for studies
  • Customized bundles of appropriate skill sets

Engagement model


Full time employee (FTE)

Fixed price per month per FTE depending on type / grade of analyst

Client gets a dedicated team that provides continuity over time

  • fixed number of research analysts, based in ValueNotes, who work solely for the client
  • analysts will have a mix of skill sets based on the anticipated needs
  • small quick turnaround requests, to ongoing needs, to large research projects

Project basis

Fixed price per project

Client gets access to research resources as a need arises

  • an appropriate team will be assigned based on the type and complexity of the project
  • analysts will develop the ability to deliver outputs with minimal feedback/rework
  • a fixed price and time line will be quoted each time
  • types of requests may vary, could be lumpy and not uniformly spread out through the year

Regular ad hoc

Price per hour of analyst time

Client has the flexibility to cap the cost and time spent per request

  • ad hoc research support based on a pre-agreed hourly rates for different ranks of analysts
  • research scope is flexible or may not be entirely clear (exploratory research)

Standard deliverables

Unit based pricing

Client has visibility on the costs up-front

  • fixed unit pricing that provides the client with visibility on costs up-front
  • research that can be standardized and is required in some volume
  • scope for improvement in process efficiencies over time



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Project Examples

What our clients have to say about us…

The guys have been very happy with the output of financial models, Sovereign work and other projects. You guys are doing a fantastic high quality job!

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