Tata Trusts – a philanthropic organisation that provides grants under their book development programme to publish new content in different languages for children in India – wanted to establish if their grant money was appropriately utilised by their publishing partners

  • Which libraries, schools and children were buying books from these publishers?
  • What was the total readership of children’s books in the country?
  • What were the reading habits & preferences and favourite genres among children, schools and libraries?



  • Over 400 telephonic interviews were conducted across India – with children, parents, schools, librarians, NGOs, book sellers, distributors
  • To arrive at the total readership of children’s books, we analysed the number of readers per copy – of printed & e-books



  • Based on our research, the client was able to channel their efforts in publishing new content in specific genres and languages
  • Our insights into the sales patterns and pain points of book sellers, bulk buyers and distributors helped the client address these challenges thereby increasing the reach of children’s books

Sample Deliverables

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