Automobile OEMs and their suppliers face a multitude of challenges. These include:

  • The need to globalize and build a presence in fast growing markets
  • Intense competition from incumbents as well as new entrants
  • Rapid changes in technology
  • Differing and increasingly onerous regulations around safety and emissions
  • Ever more aware customers


We work with auto parts makers and suppliers across the value chain to help them identify emerging opportunities and threats, assess new markets and understand customer perceptions. We help our customers make informed decisions by answering a variety of key intelligence questions, such as:

  • What does my customer think of my brand/product?
  • How do I compare with my customer? (On sales, product, service, or other relevant factors)
  • How will regulation or technology influence new model launches?
  • What is the best location for my factory?
  • How will the market grow and why?


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Thanks for the excellent work and good research. Excellent response to all the work done!! Very +ve feedback. Congratulations – A European advisory firm

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