A leading international automobile components manufacturer wanted to understand the Indian consumer’s buying behaviour, with a special emphasis on ABS and airbags

  • How important were these features while buying a new car?
  • Were consumers willing to pay a premium for a car with these features?



ValueNotes conducted face-to-face interviews with

  • >2000 end-users in 18 Indian Tier I & II cities, including a mix of age & income groups and gender
  • >500 personnel in auto OEM dealerships across 14 cities

The information was analysed to establish

  • consumer buying behaviour in the passenger car segment,
  • the perceived benefits of ABS & airbags, and
  • whether there was a correlation between the amount end-users were willing to pay for these features



Based on our research, the client was able to formulate an effectual sales and pricing strategy while marketing their products to the automotive OEMs

Sample Deliverables

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