Power and Electrical Equipment
Power and Electrical Equipment

Project Examples

Customer opinions on the usage of electronic devices on daily basis

A consulting firm wanted to construct a "day in the life of a consumer" to understand the usage of transformer devices, and the value derived from these devices based on the needs being met. A web survey was carried out among 4000 respondents across the US, UK, Taiwan and France. The responses were analysed by "personas" - based on pre-defined segmentation buckets.

Market size of services & customer intelligence in the UPS Segment in India

A leading manufacturer of UPS systems wanted to understand the services industry for UPSs in India. In-depth interviews with manufacturers and distributors established the industry trends and size of the services market. The pricing and business models adopted by manufacturers were provided. The views of customers highlighted the unmet needs and areas that the client needed to focus on to increase penetration in the services market.

Opportunity assessment study of the power & energy services market in India

A consultancy firm, focused on power and energy services, wanted to map the opportunity across 21 sectors in India. Given the dearth of information available on this service segment, the ratio of electricity expenditure by revenue for a representative sample of firms was analysed to estimate the electricity expenditure for each sector. For final validation, interviews with industry experts were conducted.

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