Client wanted to explore partnerships to increase their market share


A global manufacturer of electrical and digital building infrastructure had a very small market share in the low voltage switchgear components market. Their primary need was to increase their market share by partnering with panel builders, who they believed were the key influencers.


The switchgear panel manufacturing industry is highly fragmented and geographically scattered. Hence panel builders typically have local reach and greater influence. The client therefore wanted to identify the top regional players who would be key for increasing their sales.


ValueNotes gained a deep understanding of the influencers and their imperatives


ValueNotes conducted research to answer the following questions –

  • Were panel builders the key influencers in the sales value chain?
  • What was their preferred mode of procurement?
  • Which panel builders could be potential partners?
  • What was their level of willingness to partner with our client? And what were the key issues that would need to be addressed to make the partnership viable?


ValueNotes conducted over 100 in-depth interviews with stakeholders across the industry – competitors, customers, electrical consultants and EPCs, and of course, panel builders. An analysis of the responses helped identify the top panel builders who could potentially partner with our client. Various factors were assessed to arrive at a shortlist of panel builders – they were rated on parameters such as revenues, geographic reach, profiles of customers and their expansion strategies in the medium term.


For each shortlisted panel builder, we:
– estimated the potential increase in sales that the partnership would yield
– recommended key action points necessary to make the partnership a success


Our analysis and recommendations suggested ways to increase sales by 25%


ValueNotes’ research provided actionable intelligence on the key influencers in the low voltage switchgear value chain that could help our client increase the sales of their components by 25% over a two-year period.


“The report gives a good market overview. The research shows good analysis and a good understanding of the customer’s needs. The quality of data and information and the quality of the presentation were both, above expectations.”

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