Project Examples

Global universities offering accounting programs or accounting certifications

The client required high level information on business programmes offered by over 5000 global universities. Our research provided a global perspective of the universities with a focus on the accounting programs that could have students in accounting certification

Partner identification of vocational institutes for a Dutch university

A Dutch university wanted to partner with educational institutes in India that were involved in vocational training. We identified and profiled institutions that could be suitable partners for the university. The project also included identifying reputed agents who could market the client's courses to Indian students.

Market study of online tutoring in the US

An e-tutoring services company wanted to expand their business in the US with the aim to acquire customers based on volumes. We helped determine whether there was a B2B market in the US for online tutoring in math, statistics, and the sciences for high schools and undergraduates. Our analysis helped the client identify target customers and create a targeted marketing strategy to approach them.

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