Mar 2010: The Indian higher education sector is in the midst of tremendous growth and change. This ValueNotes’ report analyses the advent of the use of technology in examinations. In India, though the number of exams that leverage technology are currently insignificant, the questions we faced were: Is this the beginning of a trend? Can technology really make a difference?

There was no structured study in India at all to understand key stakeholders’ (viz: exam authorities and students) thoughts on online exams. What are the perceived benefits? What are the key concerns? How ready are we as a nation to embrace technology and drive exam reforms in order to educate our millions of children? This report attempts to answer all these questions and understand these issues.

Key findings of the report include –

  • 52% of all VCs/Registrars/CoEs interviewed indicated that they are interested in the concept of using technology in exams, 15% are in the experimentation stage and 15% have already begun.
  • The majority of students (69%) felt that universities that conduct online exams are more technically advanced – especially students originating from Tier III cities.
  • Majority of students consider the online process to be more accurate and secure, compared to traditional methods.

 – To download a complimentary copy of the report, please follow this link

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